Wingin' It! just returned from a week-long trip to Chicago (via Cedar Point amusement park).  We got to see seven professional performances at Second City, iO, the Annoyance, ComedySports, and Baby Wants Candy, and we had ten hours of private workshops with professional instructors. Additionally, we got to tour Chicago by 27-passenger Hummer limo, subway, and river boat, and we ate our faces off throughout the city.  It was a great send-off to our graduating seniors and a huge inspiration to the members who will return to us this fall.

Wing Night Orientation

In keeping with custom, we welcomed our new members to Wingin' It! over wings at the North Hanover Grille.   We all ate our faces off, and the new kids (plus Mr. Wilkinson!) all tried an insanity wing.  Between incessant joking, poignant introductions, and scorched tastebuds, many tears were shed.  Welcome to the family, new kids!

Wing Night 2013

Turner and Ellis

New members: Devin, Derek, Jules, and Alexis


Our audition week started off with two instructional workshops during which we introduced people to the basics of improv, taught them a few basic games, and tried to get them to relax before auditions started.

Three separate audition windows enticed 25 talented performers to give improv a try.  We were extremely impressed by the risks everyone was willing to take and how genuinely funny they all were.  There wasn't a single person in the audition pool who wasn't talented.  Unfortunately, though, we have to keep our group small, so we called back nine people for a final round audition at which we laughed our faces off and got to meet a number of fascinating characters.

In the end, we spent 90 minutes discussing everyone's talents and considering the needs of our troupe and the future implications of each potential member on our group dynamic. 

In all honesty, every single one of the 25 people who auditioned for us could be successful members of high school improv troupes across America, but we are excited to welcome four new members:  Jules, Derek, Devin, and Alexis! 


Two years of fundraising finally paid off last week when we took off on a weeklong field trip to Chicago via Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio.  Along the way, we swam in two great lakes, jammed into the night, trained with professional improvisers, took in nine performances, and ate our way through Chicago.

Click the picture below to see a gallery of images from our trip. 

Lighthouse Point at Cedar Point

Lighthouse Point at Cedar Point