S.I.C.K. - Week 1

Last week was our first ever Summer Improv Camp for Kids (S.I.C.K.), and it was an incredible experience.  We had a total of 24 middle school students who participated in two different sets of "Boneless Wings" workshops before presenting a full performance for their friends and family.  The kids all did amazingly...honestly, they were hilarious and remembered all the lessons we taught them throughout the week!   

After our showcase, Max noted that helping to teach the campers benefitted him as a performer because turning a critical eye on the process reinforced many basic lessons for him.  

Now we get to do two more sessions:  "Mild Wings" (a follow-up to last week) and "Hot Wings" (a program for high school students).  Once we get photo release consent from the participants' parents, we'll post some pictures here.