- 6 Pairs

sk Fors:  
Opening Line

How to Play:  
. One pair begins a scene beginning with the given opening line.
. At any point, someone in the backline can yell "freeze!" at which point the actors on stage return to the backline and the actor who yelled "freeze" and his partner begin a scene with the last line spoken by the previous pair.
3. Continue until someone returns to the original opening line.

- There is no pattern.  Pairs can clap in as frequently or infrequently as they feel comfortable doing so. 
- The game can get chaotic when people clap in too often.  In general, try to let at least 3 or 4 lines of dialogue emerge before interrupting with a clap in.  
- Actors in the backline should ask themselves if the line they want to steal is worth interrupting their fellow actors for.
- Get a variety of relationships to include generic ones (brother/sister, etc.), celebrities (President Obama/Vladimir Putin, etc.), and non-human (toaster/bread, etc.)
- A good target length would allow each pair to clap in at least 3 or 4 times.  The longer the game goes on, the more likely it to grow boring.