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Relationship & Location

How to Play:  
1. Actors begin a scene
2. Whenever the director claps his hands, the actor who just spoke must make a new choice, which becomes fact until negated by another clap or until the scene resolves.

- Actors tend to resort to saying the opposite of what they just said ("I'm cold." <clap> "I'm not cold cold at all." <clap> "I'm hot.")  This gets safe, predictable, and boring if it's over-used.  Consider a more remarkable shift that's still tangentially related: ("I'm cold." <clap> "I'm sweating through my clothes!" <clap> "Get a whiff of my pits!")  
- If an actor is stuck listing similar responses with every clap ("I just bought a monkey!" <clap> "I just bought a dog!" <clap> "I just bought a goat!,") keep clapping until he/she changes thought processes: (<clap> "I just bought the dress I want to be buried in.")